Val Vedello

For a long time we feel necessity for a quality change of Orobic Alps Geology that is not tied to hold ideas and models.

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Mining meaning

Mining meaning of the outcropping uranium occurrences -- Northen of the Orobic Alps, Italy.


Find or to find again  the radiometric anomalous outcrops  produced by superficial Uranium bearing occurrences doesn't mean to find an  uranium ore deposit.

Therefore to reach the ore deposit once found or find again the uranium occurrences on outcrops, it needs to show that they is not tied up to extemporaneous occurrences without root and therefore without economic interest. When radioactive occurrence have been found, after  geologic surveying and radiometric prospecting, the most important final stage of exploration consists of the determination of the extent of the ore-body at depth, of its grade and the possible reserves. By definition, ore is an economic concept.

Among the two phases there is an enormous difference that involves expensive mining jobs for many million dollars. Besides only the joined commitment of capitals, of intellects and of actions it allows - in the lucky cases - the discovery of the ore deposit. Therefore: The discovery of an ore deposits is not merit of the single person.

So has been the “recovery” of the Val Vedello Uranium Ore Deposit in Northern Italy. A recovery needed  six years of  exploration works by detailed underground exploration with tunnels and internal drillings (1977 – 1983).

This axiom is not almost clear to anybody, even to the employees in the geologic science  and the same geologists, showing their  general unpreparedness.

The uranium outcropping occurrences in Val Vedello were discovered  from the C.N.E.N. (National  Committee of Nuclear Energy- Italy)  in 1964.
I disagree with the Authors that consider the Val Vedello uranium occurrences entirely identical to those of the high Belviso valley. It is my conviction that the first ones don't represent the continuity of the seconds and the uranium  occurrences  they are among them different, both as age, bedding, paragenesis and genetic factors.

The C.N.E.N. besides, after having studied the uranium outcropping occurrences  of Val Vedello not only it didn't understand the geologic meaning of it, but  abandoned her because considered it  petty.